Composition & Production

Composition of daflon

Daflon consists of a micronized purified flavonoid fraction composed of:

  • 90% of diosmine
  • 10% of effective flavonoids

skilfully measured and obtained by hemisynthesis.


Manufacturing process of Daflon

The manufacturing of Daflon begins with the harvest of small immature oranges in every corner of the world.

This natural compound is then transformed into a formula of flavonoids at the end of these 6 stages of manufacturing: 

Stage 1: the harvest of small immature oranges
Immature oranges are harvested in the orange groves of the Spanish, Moroccan and Chinese provinces, places benefiting from favorable weather conditions.
Indeed, every orange blossom gives birth to four or five oranges. A single orange develops and three or four others remain immature. These immature oranges will be harvested, dried in the sun over 15 days then crushed to extract a natural substance which will be used in the manufacturing of a drug called hesperidin.
Stage 2: birth of an active ingredient, the flavonoid fraction
Once extracted, hesperidin is transformed by an industrial process into an active substance: the flavonoid fraction. This secret industrial process confers the flavonoid fraction a composition of: 90% diosmine and 10% flavonoids skilfully measured.
Stage 3: purification of the flavonoid fraction
The flavonoid fraction is then purified and dried to remove all impurities. The objective of this stage is to obtain a flavonoid fraction of quality. 
Stage 4: micronization of the purified flavonoid fraction

The purified flavonoid fraction is very badly absorbed by the bowel because molecules are too big.The process of micronization thus consists of reducing the size of molecules by making them bang together. The micronized purified flavonoid fraction is then better absorbed by the body. 

Stage 5: compression of the purified micronized flavonoid fraction
The purified micronized flavonoid fraction is then transformed into tablets of daflon by a machine, with compression.
Stage 6: boxes of daflon 500 and daflon 1000
Tablets are then put under blister packaging (blister of tablets) and incorporated into the daflon box.

Daflon – Micronized purified flavonoid fraction. 

Daflon is a drug recommended in the treatment of the symptoms of chronic venous disease (feeling of heavy legs, pain, restless legs) and in the treatment of hemorrhoidal disease.

Ask your pharmacist for advice. Read attentively the instructions. If the symptoms persist, consult your doctor.